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RUAG has been awarded the contract for the manufacture of six mobile disinfection systems

Thun, 05.07.2021 – RUAG has signed the series production contract for six mobile disinfection container systems. With this order, a total of 18 containers will be produced for the Swiss Armed Forces.

Humanitarian catastrophes and hygiene problems can arise anywhere and at any time. In a crisis situation, hygiene problems must be dealt with quickly and effectively to counter the further spread of infectious diseases. The mobile container system developed and produced by RUAG can be used to disinfect medical facilities in emergencies. It thermally disinfects medical goods and facilities and helps ensure compliance with hygiene standards. Transmission of infectious diseases is prevented; viruses, bacteria, parasites and possible types fungi are killed.

The unique RUAG disinfection system can disinfect up to 300 mattresses within a period of 24 hours, can be deployed anywhere and is entirely reliable – even in extreme conditions. Thanks to its integrated power supply system, it can be operated autonomously. The mobile disinfection system consists of three containers: an accessories container, a logistics container and a disinfection container. It can be set up and ready for use immediately without the need for additional tools. Following a successful mission, the system can be dismantled quickly and easily and transported to the next place it is needed.

The system is suitable for humanitarian aid, asylum and refugee centers, old-age and nursing homes, hospitals and barracks.

To ensure that the container system is operational in all situations, it is subjected to endurance testing under the very harshest conditions. In every situation, RUAG is a reliable technology and innovation partner that thinks long-term and thus makes a major contribution to guaranteeing the operational capability of the Swiss Armed Forces, both today and in the future.


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