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First RUAG Security Event takes place

Last week, the long-planned RUAG Security Event took place at the Switzerland Innovation Park in Biel. The event was aimed at our customers from the DDPS and security organizations in Switzerland.

The RUAG Security Event gave V-customers (DDPS, FOCP, armasuisse), police forces and security organizations the opportunity to learn first-hand about the latest developments within RUAG and its new positioning. The aim was to understand customers so as to better respond to their needs in the future. At the same time, existing projects and partnerships could be presented, demonstrated and explained.

Keynote speakers such as André Duvillard (delegate of the Swiss Security Network) emphasized the importance of the overarching focus on "security". With his speech on the question: "What are the biggest threats and dangers for Switzerland in 2022?”, he clarified certain types of threats in addition to what is currently happening in Europe, such as cyber warfare. "And we are in the middle of it,” said Duvillard.

Other items on the agenda included presentations of various RUAG-IT initiatives and product and service offerings. The "counter-mini-UAV" project was presented live nearby, with the most beautiful weather.  After the presentations in the plenary meeting, some of the products and services presented could be examined more closely at the exhibition.

The event gave us the opportunity to meet directly with the participants and to lay the foundation for successful cooperation.

And this is not the end, the next Security Event is planned for spring 2023.