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RUAG launches Swiss nationwide campaign

In order that RUAG can fulfill its performance mandate, the company requires the competences of specialists from the most varied of professional fields. With a view to raising awareness with regard to the wide range of careers and attractive roles at RUAG, the company is today launching its first ever nationwide campaign in Switzerland.

Through its various activities in support of the Swiss Armed Forces, RUAG makes a significant contribution towards security in Switzerland. The company is responsible for ensuring the operational capability and availability of around 130 army systems. In order that RUAG can fulfill this broad performance mandate and meet the security requirements of today, but also those of tomorrow, the company requires specialists from the most varied of professional fields. To give the broader population an understanding of the company, and thus take action to address the shortage of skilled workers, RUAG has decided to launch its first Swiss nationwide campaign. The launch is scheduled for today, June 17 2024, and will include both content posted online and printed materials. The campaign is to focus on RUAG employees who, through their activities within the company, contribute directly to ensuring the security of Switzerland.

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RUAG is 100% owned by the Swiss Confederation and, with just under 2,700 employees based at 16 locations across Switzerland, the company is an important employer. Furthermore, with more than 200 apprentices in 13 different professional fields, coupled with regular awards at both national and international ‘Skills Championships’, RUAG is counted among the country’s leading training companies.