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RUAG carries the Fair-ON-Pay Advanced Label

We are sustainably committed to equal pay for women and men and, as of this year, bear the FAIR-On-Pay Advanced label.

RUAG had its compliance with the company's equal pay policy for men and women checked by Comp-On AG's equal pay experts using salary data from April 2023 (2,594 employees included) in accordance with the international Fair ON-Pay standard. 

Based on a statistical analysis, the gender-specific wage difference is below the tolerance threshold of 2.5%. On this basis, the quality auditor SGS issued the Fair-ON-Pay Advanced certificate, which distinguishes RUAG as a fair employer and underscores a sustained commitment to equal pay. 

The certificate requires a maintenance audit. This is intended to ensure continuous compliance with equal pay over time. 

Fair-ON-Pay: How does the certification work?

With Fair-ON-Pay, companies can have their compliance with equal pay between women and men audited in accordance with the international Fair-ON-Pay standard in a standardized auditing process. 

Fair-ON-Pay is based on the Logib analysis methodology, which has received an award from the Equal Pay International Coalition. The analyses are carried out by experts in equal pay accredited by the Fair-ON-Pay Association. 

Compliance with the Fair-ON-Pay standard leads to a certification valid for four years, issued by SGS as an independent quality auditor. 

Fair-ON-Pay standard 

The requirements of the Fair-ON-Pay standard include, on the one hand, compliance with the statistical specifications (minimum number of employees and proportions of both genders, tolerance threshold of the wage difference, minimum quality of the regression) and, on the other hand, transparent and compliant processing of the equal pay analysis.

Fair-ON-Pay_Advanced Zertifikat