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RUAG-eDok contract signed

The handling of knowledge within the DDPS and the Swiss Armed Forces is to change decisively in the future. To this end, members of the armed forces are to be provided with an efficient and modern content management solution that can also be used as a knowledge management platform.

The RUAG-eDok system includes both. On the one hand, content and revisions remain manageable, and on the other hand, it facilitates the review and control process through predefined roles and workflows. 

Together with armasuisse and the army staff, RUAG was able to sign the service contract for the new RUAG-eDok platform. RUAG takes this success as an opportunity to toast with its involved partner Yonder and to review the team effort. In particular, the Business Area RIO (RUAG Innovation Organization), from where the project was managed, made a decisive contribution to this success. Many thanks for the cooperation.