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RUAG Ltd steps into the future with a new identity

As of today, 25 June, RUAG Ltd, which has been unbundled from the RUAG Group since 1 January, is shedding its previous "RUAG together ahead" logo and starting its independent future with a new identity. The new "Security matters" claim describes RUAG Ltd's motivation and goal of making a significant contribution to security in our country.

The new logo visually reflects the company's orientation: The color red stands for the commitment to the main customer and therefore to the home of the company, Switzerland. Grey refers to the company's technological competence and the sloping lines show dynamism and future orientation. The simple letters stand for modernity, while the upper-case lettering picks up on familiar elements.

Based on a new, focused mandate from the Federal Council, RUAG Ltd has formulated a new corporate strategy, thus taking the first step towards a "new" RUAG. Above all else, the guiding principle is to make a significant contribution to Switzerland's security. Security is a cornerstone of Switzerland. But security is not a matter of course. The motivation of the new RUAG Ltd is to fulfil its core mission of guaranteeing the equipment of the Swiss Armed Forces, thus making its contribution to security in Switzerland: "Security matters.”

The new RUAG Ltd emerged from the former RUAG Group. By resolution of the Federal Council in 2018, the Group was unbundled and, since 1 January, RUAG Ltd and RUAG International have been autonomous and completely independent companies. The Federal Council intends for RUAG International to develop into an aerospace company and to be privatized in the medium term. RUAG Ltd will remain under federal ownership and will primarily provide services for the Swiss Armed Forces.


For more information about RUAG, contact Kirsten Hammerich, Senior Media Relations Manager, / Tel. +41 58 467 05 11