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RUAG appoints a new Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

As a strategic partner of the Swiss Army, safety-relevant technologies and innovations are of the utmost importance to RUAG. Ultimately, it is a question of working on the solutions of tomorrow, today. Appointed CTO at RUAG on May 1, 2021, Bas Gouverneur resolutely intends to pursue this goal.

Focus on technological innovation

As a company with a demanding security policy mandate, technological innovations are of the utmost strategic importance to RUAG. Its mandate obliges the company to develop forward-looking solutions and services and find answers to new crisis scenarios.

To drive technological progress in a targeted manner and make optimum use of the resources available, RUAG has appointed Bas Gouverneur as its new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). His first tasks include research and development, assessing new and growing technologies and undertaking relationship management with universities, start-ups and other relevant interest groups. He will also assume other important interface roles inside and outside the RUAG MRO group of companies.

Bas Gouverneur, 43, was born in the Netherlands and has worked for RUAG for 5 years. His most recent role was as Business Unit Head Innovation & Technology. He will continue to manage this business unit after taking up his new position. He studied Aerospace Engineering in Delft (NL) and completed an MBA at the University of St. Gallen.

Ensuring the security of Switzerland

With the appointment of Bas Gouverneur as the new CTO, RUAG has emphasized the company’s continuing development regarding its security policy responsibility, underlining its commitment to fulfilling its performance mandate in the future to the very best of its ability.


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