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Material, process and testing

Materials testing is an indispensable instrument for quality assurance and quality control in many industrial sectors. Gas and oil supply, aircraft and bridge construction and the power plant operation would be impossible without the comprehensive control of materials through materials testing. Each safety-relevant component of a product must be tested in detail.

First-class quality is of central importance, providing you with a decisive competitive advantage. Extensive testing is required to ensure the quality of your products. Our comprehensive material testing procedures allow us to detect weak points promptly, ensuring improved quality of your products through detailed damage analyses.

Our areas of competence

Structural testing

Structural testing

The development and modification of aircraft, as well as their utilization and continued airworthiness, necessitate extensive aircraft testing and analysis.
Process qualification

Process qualification

Definition of procedures, process parameters and requirements of manufacturing processes for parts to install on military and civil rotorcraft, fixed wing, including jet fighters are part of our daily business.
Damage & material evaluation

Damage and material evaluation

Our material experts are able to evaluate any characteristic of the materials used on the Swiss Air Force platforms.


Daniel Jucker
Sales Manager Engineering
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6032 Emmen


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