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End devices and accessories

From end devices to chargers and accessories such as headphones, headsets, or software and licences: We offer a wide range of available POLYCOM hardware and deliver these products within the shortest of time. On account of our proximity to both customers and manufacturers, we are the ideal link when it comes to identifying requirements and offering solutions - also engaging in close discussion with our suppliers throughout the process.

The products offered by RUAG have already been tailored towards intercompatibility during the product development phase. During this process, we have access to the entire range of Airbus hardware and that of other select suppliers, meaning we can guarantee a comprehensive product range. It is therefore ensured that the various devices can function alongside one another and are compatible with future device versions. Furthermore, the supply chain is monitored from the procurement of the required raw materials to the approval of the end product. This ensures conformity and adherence to compliance and occupational safety requirements along the entire supply chain.

Thanks to our proven expertise with regard to Polycom, you, as the user, enjoy numerous benefits:


Expert knowledge & consultation

On account of our long-term expertise and sound expert knowledge in the implementation of Polycom hardware, we can provide optimal advice during the selection and configuration of your products. Thanks to established relationships with manufacturers such as Airbus Secure Land Communications, you can avail of comprehensive support. You can also unlock price benefits when purchasing sufficient volumes.

Support & Warranty

We would be happy to assist you with any problems regarding problems, technical difficulties, or queries, and to provide the required aftersales support. Thanks to service agreements with manufacturers, we can guarantee Level 3 support. Do not hesitate to get in touch regarding any questions you may have.

Warehousing & replacement devices

In order to cut waiting times, we keep the most popular items in stock. We can therefore guarantee short delivery times, even in case of global supply bottlenecks, and can ensure quick availability - even in crisis situations. If you urgently require replacements for devices that are no longer fit for use, we would be happy to provide you with an appropriate replacement device at short notice.


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End devices & accessories

We offer a wide range of available POLYCOM devices, with short delivery times: From end devices and chargers to accessories such as headphones, headsets, or software and licences. Please note that only Swiss government representatives can purchase Polycom products. Thank you for your understanding

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