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Recycling and disposal of terminal devices

Classified terminal devices used in the Polycom sector such as the P2G, the TPH-700 or the BER4M must be professionally disposed of at the end of their lifecycle. RUAG takes care of this last phase, carries out the required disposal and ensures sustainable recycling in compliance with DIN 66399 - data technology and data media destruction.

Protection regulations and environmental requirements that are obligatory for the destruction of information carriers are strictly adhered to. Each device contains an encryption chip, which is installed on the respective main board and is subject to a protection class. RUAG is certified by the manufacturer Airbus to dispose of these classified terminal devices and to document this process professionally.

Benefits for you

Environmentally friendly recycling

We dispose of your terminal devices according to the most stringent environmental requirements

Certified disposal site

Certified by the manufacturer for professional disposal of classified terminal devices
Bewertung gut

Guaranteed disposal confirmation

After successful disposal, you will receive a final confirmation from us

Which devices are currently affected? At the moment, this applies to the following terminal devices:

  • P2G
  • TPH700 / TPH700Ex
  • TPH600
  • TPH900
  • COVERT 700
  • TPM700 / BER4M

Please note that this list is not final and is continuously being revised. We also take responsibility for the professional disposal of non-classified devices such as batteries/rechargeable batteries, fist microphones, brackets, etc.

Siemens P2G Smart
Siemens P2G Smart
Siemens P2G
Siemens P2G
TPH 600
Siemens TPH600
TPH 700
Airbus TPH700
Airbus TPH700 Ex
Airbus TPH700 Ex
Covert 700
Covert 700
Leiterplatten Polycom
Printed circuit boards
Device overview
Polycom Granulat fein
End product: Granules (fine)
Polycom Granulat grob
Final product: granules (coarse)

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and is continuously being edited. We also take care of the proper disposal of non-classified equipment such as batteries/rechargeable batteries, hand-held monophones, holders, etc.

How must you proceed? Please adhere to the following steps in the disposal process

Polycom Entsorgung

If, in an exceptional case, it is not possible to delete the programming of the devices, they must not be sent by post. In such a case, please contact us directly.

For correct handling, you will need the document “Disposal protocol”, which you can download HERE.

  • Prices
  • Special conditions
  • Unclassified devices
  • Delivery of classified and unclassified devices

The following prices apply for disposal (in CHF, not including VAT):

Base price per shipment 247.- / shipment
Price per classified device 27.- / device

Special conditions

Base price per shipment 10 % discount
1,000 units or more 20 % discount

Unclassified devices

Price per shipment Expenditure according to cost estimate

Delivery of classified and unclassified devices

Additional fee for mixed delivery 80.- / shipment


Please note that RUAG acts exclusively in accordance with normative requirements, instructions and regulations:

  • SQS - ISO 45001:2018 Occupational health and safety management systems
  • SQS - ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management systems
  • ISO/IEC 21964-1:2018-08, DIN 66399 Part 1, 2 and 3


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Teamleader Polycom

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