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Competent partner for disassembly and disposal of ammunition and explosives

The eco-friendly and professional disassembly and disposal of ammunition, ammunition components and explosives is of great importance. Through the professional separation of individual components, many of the raw materials can be profitably fed into the recycling cycle. Explosives can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner in our incineration plants.

Our well-coordinated team of specialists and experts in the disassembly and disposal of ammunition, ammunition components and explosives ensures eco-friendly and professional treatment.

Benefits of ammunition disposal



For years, we have maintained close partnerships with the armed forces, authorities and third parties.

One-stop shop

We are a one-stop shop for all your needs – from feasibility studies to the recycling of valuable materials and even our own incineration and regeneration plants.

In-depth knowledge

Our decades of experience in disassembly and disposal guarantees professional disposal.

Our approach

Depending on the product, we use the following procedures for professional and environmentally friendly disposal: Manual & automatic disassembly, water jet cutting, TNT regeneration plant and thermal disposal
alte Munition

Our offer

Our services include the professional disassembly and eco-friendly disposal of various products.

Our service

We dispose of artillery ammunition, grenades, tank and aircraft ammunition, mines, small- and medium-caliber ammunition, detonation components and explosives.


Ursula Gerber

Sachbearbeiterin Administration

+41 58 48 57089

Industriepark Altdorf
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