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Influence all facets of mechanics as a production mechanic

Are you open to innovation? With us, you will learn to influence all facets of mechanics: Production mechanics manufacture workpieces using a wide variety of processes, assemble devices, apparatus and machines and are responsible for their provision, commissioning and maintenance.

You enjoy shearing, edging, bending and punching just as much as screwing, soldering, riveting or welding? Then an apprenticeship at RUAG is right for you. Our production mechanics are proficient in a wide range of processing and joining techniques and therefore in all facets of mechanics.

Key points of your apprenticeship at RUAG



Your apprenticeship will last 3 years. During this time, you will learn everything you need to know to become a production mechanic.


For this apprenticeship, you must have an interest in technical contexts, a technical understanding, manual dexterity and precise work and reliability.

Future opportunities

The following options are available to you after completion of your apprenticeship with us: BP Production Specialist, HF Mechanical Engineering Graduate or a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.


Seetalstrasse 175
6032 Emmen

Production mechanic EFZ [Swiss certificate of competence]

Production mechanics work in mechanical operations. From the precision component to the production line: They machine metal components and assemble them into devices, apparatus and machines. To do this, they read production documents and technical drawings and prepare the necessary work equipment. As you can see, people in this profession influence all facets of mechanics.

They manufacture apparatus, equipment and machine parts, but also entire steel construction productions. Production mechanics continuously monitor series production on computer-controlled machines - such as laser or waterjet systems - and intervene when necessary. If deviations are detected, they correct the settings on the production equipment.

They also use lathes and milling machines to produce precise individual parts and check their quality after production using measuring instruments. They assemble and install them on assemblies, which includes checking and maintaining the finished machines. If necessary, production mechanics take them apart and replace individual mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic elements.  A job at RUAG is therefore extremely technical and varied.


What we offer you

As a production mechanic, you complete your orders and projects accurately and independently, but also as part of a team and together with other specialists. Your tasks will include processing and joining techniques such as drilling, turning, milling and grinding. You mainly process metals such as steel, chrome steel or aluminum; however, you also work with plastics.

What you should bring with you

You have completed primary school and show an interest in technical contexts. You also have a good practical and technical understanding. You can visualize things well spatially and are handy. You enjoy working with your hands and with machines.

Duration of apprenticeship

Your apprenticeship at RUAG will last three years.

Vocational training location

  • Lodrino
Berufsbildung Schüler und Schülerinnen

Is that your thing?

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