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A brand's content is reflected in corporate design. Success in corporate design is based on continuity. Here you will receive important information for designing graphics that communicate effectively.

Print media

Overview of basic raster

In order to guarantee the uniformity of the design and to make it easier to create print media, a basic raster was developed for each of the common formats. While the baseline grid and column widths are the same in all formats, the number of raster columns varies.

  1.  DIN long 6 columns
  2.  DIN A5 9 columns
  3.  DIN A412 columns
Printmedien 1

Application on title/back page (A4 example)

Printmedien 2
Printmedien 3

Application on inside pages (A4 example)

Printmedien Innenseiten 1
Printmedien Innenseiten 2
Printmedien Innenseiten 3
Printmedien Innenseiten 4
Printmedien Innenseiten 5
Printmedien Innenseiten 6

Download print media

Here you will find more in-depth information.

RUAG Styleguide Printmedien (German only) pdf (953.2 KB)
RUAG Templates Print media zip (93.4 MB)