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A brand's content is reflected in corporate design. Success in corporate design is based on continuity. Here you will receive important information for designing graphics that communicate effectively.

Our typography

The font is the most frequently used basic element of a corporate design. While all the basic elements take effect on a designed, visual level, the font communicates even in a simple letter, and thus contributes to a large portion of brand recognition and brand identity.

The new RUAG typography: "RUAG Simplon"

RUAG typography consists of an extensively-developed font family that offers a high degree of flexibility in various applications.

RUAG Simplon, the corporate typeface

The new RUAG company typeface is RUAG Simplon. The Simplon font family is very well developed with various characters, and thus covers all of RUAG's needs.

Type styles
For the regular use of font, RUAG Simplon is used in the light, regular and medium styles. For the set of tables, there are uppercase numbers available in the light, regular and medium font styles.

Substitute font
As a substitute font for Office applications [Word, PowerPoint, email, email signature] and with office stationary [letterhead], the system font Arial is available in the styles regular and bold.


Typografie 1

RUAG Simplon Light

Introductory texts
Typografie 2

RUAG Simplon Regular

Running texts
Typografie 3

RUAG Simplon Medium

Running text sublines
Markups in running texts
Typografie 4

Arial Regular/Bold

Substitute font for Office applications

Download typography

Here you will find more in-depth information.

RUAG Styleguide Typografie (German only) pdf (534.0 KB)
RUAG Typography zip (1.1 MB)