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Maintaining jets with robotics technology

In May 2020, RUAG started the “Integration of Robots in the Maintenance of Aircraft” project. The goal is to use robotics technology for the maintenance of aircraft.

Robot-assisted modifications of the aircraft structure have already been carried out as part of aircraft maintenance and servicing to extend the utilization of aircraft. This technology offers the advantage of repeating work constantly and performing it much more precisely.

RUAG has decided to develop its own system for robot-assisted modifications. This development makes us independent, has financial benefits and, most importantly, it allows us to conceive it in accordance with our customers’ needs. 

In particular, the goal is to develop a robot that allows process reliability, accuracy in repetition and flexibility and is digitally connected to CAD and CAM systems. This will allow us to create a digital image of a claim during maintenance. The technology is also freely scalable and, most importantly:  Robot-assisted repairs and RUAG modifications can be performed directly on the aircraft structure by fixing the multifunctional machine to the aircraft.

An innovative concept for robotics technology was developed in cooperation with our technology partners at the University of Applied Sciences of North-West Switzerland and Robotec Solutions. It includes an industrial robot on which peripheral systems can be installed. The trajectory control is monitored and corrected in real time with a laser tracker to improve the robot’s absolute precision.  

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