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CEO Brigitte Beck is leaving RUAG MRO Holding Ltd

CEO Brigitte Beck has decided to leave RUAG MRO Holding Ltd to seek a new professional challenge. The Board of Directors respects her decision and thanks the departing CEO for her accomplishments on behalf of RUAG MRO Holding ltd. Until a new CEO is appointed, Christian Priller and Thomas Kipfer will lead the company jointly on a temporary basis.

Brigitte Beck has taken this decision against the backdrop of two public appearances by the CEO during the spring of 2023 and the resulting controversy. In light of these incidents, the Board of Directors assumed its supervisory duty and examined the details more closely. This investigation revealed no evidence of any criminal or sanctionable offenses on the part of the persons involved. For both parties, it was nevertheless clear that the ongoing controversy would ultimately only be brought to an end through a change of leadership. “My decision is intended to allow RUAG to focus its attention on what is really important, namely its business,” states Brigitte Beck. “I would like to thank the Board of Directors for their open and objective discussion relating to this matter.”

The search for a new CEO has begun. In the meantime, Christian Priller, CFO, and Thomas Kipfer, Head of Business Area Air, will lead the company together. Through this co-leadership arrangement, the Board of Directors is focusing on continuity during the transition phase.

Brigitte Beck has been CEO of RUAG MRO Holding Ltd since September 2022. Under her guidance, key projects for the operational activity were implemented and expedited purposefully and with great dedication. The Board of Directors thanks Brigitte Beck sincerely for these accomplishments and wishes her all the very best for the future in both her personal and professional life.