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A glimpse into the world of work

RUAG hosted a large number of children and young people on National Future Day. The girls and boys took a look at the everyday working life of their parents, relatives or friends.

On Thursday, 9 November 2023, we welcomed numerous children and young people to the RUAG sites for National Future Day. The girls and boys took the opportunity to watch their parents, relatives or friends at work and get an idea of what their everyday working lives are like.

At some sites, the students were also able to participate in a varied program in which they were given a tour of the site they were visiting. It was also a must for them to take a look at the different workplaces of our apprentices. It was an exciting day for the boys and girls - one they will hopefully remember for a long time to come.

National Future Day

On National Future Day, companies, organizations, vocational schools and universities open their doors to boys and girls in grades 5 to 7. The aim of Future Day is to give children and young people a glimpse into the different worlds of work, to show them new career prospects and to help them discover their own talents.