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RUAG strengthens its partnership with Pilatus and sells a partial plot in Stans and Ennetbürgen

In view of the increased training and continuing education requirements for skilled workers and the mutual provision of specialists to handle aviation MRO services, RUAG and Pilatus have concluded a strategic partnership.

Within the framework of this partnership, RUAG Real Estate Ltd. is selling Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG a section of its site in Stans and Ennetbürgen that has been deemd surplus to requirement with regard to RUAG’s operations. RUAG’s operations on the site in Stans will continue unchanged and remain a key element of the MRO services provided for the Swiss Army. Pilatus will develop new company projects on the acquired site in accordance with the legally binding design plan. The company has submitted a relevant building application. The parties will work together to gradually develop the necessary site infrastructure according to the design plan and operating requirements.

The sale of the partial site is also possible because RUAG Real Estate AG has merged with the project development company Nidwalden Airpark AG NAPAG. This means that NAPAG's exclusive rights to the non-essential part of the site have expired. To ensure the timely completion of the first construction phase by Pilatus, RUAG Real Estate Ltd. has replaced an existing lease agreement and the necessary easements of the Genossenkorporation Ennetbürgen with a purchase right in favor of the corporation. This purchase right has been agreed by the buyer, Pilatus, and the Genossenkorporation Ennetbürgen.

Through this purchase right, RUAG has facilitated the creation of an aviation-oriented industrial park and the strategic continued development of RUAG and Pilatus in the Canton of Nidwalden.