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RUAG acquires CyOne Security AG

RUAG will acquire the CyOne Security AG on 1 July 2023, thus significantly expanding its expertise in the field of cryptography. Existing business areas will be retained and are to be developed further. All relevant authorities were involved in the process and were informed.

The CyOne Security AG plays a critical role in the area of encryption for the Swiss government. It manufactures and delivers cryptography components that meet the highest security standards and are successfully used in various areas of the federal government. CyOne products meet the safety standard required by the federal authorities.

RUAG views cryptography as a key technology in its cyber sub-strategy. As a technology partner of the Swiss Armed Forces and a company that serves the sovereign security of Switzerland, it is also important for RUAG to be able to offer innovative, technologically superior and reliable solutions in the field of encryption. These ideally complement the existing products in the field of military communications. The acquisition of the CyOne Security AG gives RUAG the opportunity to achieve this, while also allowing CyOne to further develop its expertise and products.

Together with the CyOne Security AG, RUAG is able to meet the cryptology needs of the federal government in areas with the highest security requirements. The CyOne Security AG and RUAG are the ideal combination to provide the DDPS with additional solutions as partners. At the same time, the existing expertise on both sides can be further expanded and the know-how of the employees at RUAG and CyOne can be further developed and strengthened. Close coordination with the federal government's Cryptography Specialist Unit and Cyber Command will continue.