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Increased safety with maintenance check flights

Maintenance check flights (MCFs) are of the utmost importance for the safety of all aeroplane and helicopters. They serve to test functions, which can only be checked during actual flights. MCFs are time-intensive, demanding and subject to strict processes. The experienced specialists in our licensed center of excellence guarantee that maintenance check flights and training sessions will be impartial and qualified. As a part 21J EASA design organization with our own flight testing operation, we meet all the requirements set out by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency.

With the new EASA regulations, all operators are now required to train their crews for check flights and to describe the corresponding procedures in a manual. On this page you will find all information about our course offers and the registration process for aeroplane and helicopters.

Advantages of maintenance check flights


Increased safety

Maintenance check flights form an essential safety component for aeroplane and helicopters. By conducting intensive checks of all functions after maintenance, we work with you to ensure the safety of your crews.

Customer-specific training courses

Your requirements are at the heart of our concerns. We provide you with tailor-made training courses with a view to optimizing your resources and increasing safety.

Long-standing experience

RUAG boasts long-standing experience as a service provider: Approximately 130 pilots and technicians have benefited from the professional training courses run by experienced RUAG factory and test pilots in the field of helicopter maintenance check flights.

Our course offer for you

  • Aeroplane
  • Helicopter

EASA is now regulating MCFs as of this year: Operators of “complex aircraft”* will be required to train an MCF crew to carry out Level A maintenance check flights and to describe the procedures in a manual. These requirements have already been in place for helicopters since 2019 (learn more about MCFs for helicopters). In Switzerland, these regulations came into force on 1 February 2020.

Theory training

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This course is aimed at pilots of fixed-wing aeroplane who will be carrying out the maintenance check flights, that are to be mandatory in the future, as well as technicians and engineers taking part in check flights. The theories are explained by experienced RUAG factory flight test pilots and can be applied independent of aeroplane type.

You can now also travel comfortably with your own plane. 
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Course content:

  • Framework
  • Aim and purpose
  • Organization, CRM (Crew Resource Management), environment
  • Flight test reports and flight profile
  • Preparation and risk assessment
  • Procedures for all check points on the ground and in flight
  • Analysis of results and troubleshooting
Course objective To ensure that MCFs are carried out safely in accordance with the EASA guidelines (Regulation 965/2012, Annex VIII, Subpart E, Section 5 MCF)
Duration 1 day
Dates With enough registrations in consultation with the participants.
Implementation The course will take place if there are enough registrations. The date will be defined in consultation with the participants.
Location Emmen, Switzerland or according to customer requirements (in consultation)
Arrival Possible with own airplane
Participants Pilots, technicians (mechanics, avionics engineers, etc.), engineers
Number of participants 10-15 participants
Requirements Licensed pilot with prior technical knowledge or technician
Certificate Recognized by the EASA
Course language German (additional explanations in English available)
Course documentation English
Costs CHF 950.00 not incl. VAT

Demonstration flight

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As part of initial training and as a supplement to the MCF theory course, the EASA stipulates that a demonstration flight must be carried out. Take your place on the back seat of a Pilatus PC-7 Turbo Trainer and watch as one of our experienced works/test pilots demonstrates an MCF in flight with reference to tricky test points.

Date by arrangement
Location Emmen (LSME) or according to customer requirements (on request)
Duration approx. 3 hours per participant (45-minute flight) or by arrangement
Content Briefing, demonstration flight, debriefing
Number of participants min 2, max 4 / day
Requirements Licensed pilot with prior technical knowledge or technician
Certificate Yes
Course language German (additional explanations in English available)
Costs on request (dependent on location and number of participants)

Additional services

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To supplement the theory course and the demonstration flight, RUAG offers a range of additional, customer-specific consultations and solutions regarding MCFs. We will happily prepare a quote for you for the following services (among others):


Individual training with your own aeroplane

One of our factory flight test pilots will provide you with support and coaching in your own aeroplane during an MCF.

Check flight after successful maintenance (aeroplane types on request)

Our factory flight test pilots act as crew members during MCFs on your aeroplane or carry out MCFs on your behalf.

Individual consulting

We would be happy to help you create an MCF protocol and develop an MCF procedure for your aeroplane.

*«Complex Aeroplanes» sare fixed-wing aircraft

- with a maximum certified take-off mass exceeding 5,700 kg, or

- certified for a maximum passenger seating configuration of more than nineteen, or

- certified for operation with a minimum crew of two pilots, or

- fitted with one or more turbojet engines or more than one turboprop engine.


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MCF Cockpit

Maintenance Check Flight for helicopters

Today, maintenance check flights (MCFs) are not part of the everyday flying life of a helicopter crew. In 2019, the EASA issued new regulations for MCFs All helicopter operators – especially of so-called “complex helicopters” – are therefore obliged to train their MCF crew for these flights and to describe the corresponding procedures in a manual.

Theory training

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The course is primarily aimed at helicopter pilots who carry out MCFs after maintenance work or wish to do so in the future. However, it is also suitable for technicians (mechanics, avionics, etc.) who are confronted with check flights in their work. The course content is taught by an experienced RUAG factory or test pilot and is carried out independent of helicopter type.

Course content

  • Aim and purpose of MCFs
  • Legal aspects: EASA regulations concerning MCFs
  • Organization of MCFs:
    Crew composition, definition of tasks and responsibilities, briefing requirements, checklists, decision making, development of a flight program, risk assessment, CRM (Crew Resource Management) 
  • Techniques for checking various systems
    Engine performance/checks, helicopter performance, track and balance (main and tail rotor), performance measurement, hydraulics, communications, navigation, stabilization systems, auto-rotation
  • Environmental conditions, helicopter handling, auto-rotation, VNE
  • Review of failure cases specific to these checks 
  • Post-flight analysis
Course objectives Training for the optimal and safe execution of MCFs
Duration 1 day
Dates New dates will follow
Location Alpnach, Switzerland
Participants Helicopter pilots Technicians (mechanics, avionics engineers, etc.)
Requirements/ Prior knowledge Licensed pilot or technician an advantage
Certificate Yes
Course language German or English Course documentation available in German and English
Costs CHF 680.00 excl. VAT

Training with simulator

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The practical implementation in the simulator is recommended as initial training but also as a supplement to the RUAG MCF theory training. RUAG offers this training on a full-flight level D EC135/635 or Super Puma AS332/532 simulator. In the detailed briefing and simulator flying, the craft of the MCF is learned on a customer-specific basis.

Location: Emmen, Switzerland
Duration: Approx. 3 hours per pilot (1 hour simulator) or by arrangement
Requirements: Licensed pilot or technician an advantage (no EC135 or AS332 type rating required)

Additional services

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In addition to the theory course, we offer a range of other customer-specific consulting services and solutions. Contact us and we will be happy to make you an offer for the following services (among others):


Training with your own helicopter

Are you about to conduct check flights and would like to benefit from the support of professional and experienced test pilots? RUAG is the right address for you. Whether as a training or as a check flight before or after maintenance. We would be happy to prepare a customer-specific offer dedicated to your requirements.

Training & Consulting

With its experienced factory and test pilots, RUAG offers customer-specific consulting and solutions for MCFs We would be happy to prepare an offer for you. Our services include MCF theory training at the customer’s site and MCF practical training on the customer’s helicopter or simulator. Furthermore, our experts provide support in creating procedure manuals and checklists and offer advice on safety briefings / risk assessments.
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