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Largest test center in Switzerland

First-class quality and that all-important competitive advantage rely on extensive tests. RUAG runs Switzerland's largest test center, where it offers a comprehensive range of test procedures according to established standards – and with it, unique expertise from the industrial, military, and aerospace sectors. Thanks to the latest state-of-the-art infrastructure, we perform tests under real-life conditions.

Our experienced specialists provide you with support in product development - starting with the first prototype up to the series product.

Benefits for you


Latest infrastructure

Thanks to the latest state-of-the-art infrastructure, we perform tests under real-life conditions.
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Rapid results

Using our test procedures, you achieve authentic and precise results as swiftly as possible.

High quality

Through the high standards of SAS, the Swiss accreditation body, you benefit from maximum transparency and consistently high quality.
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Environmental simulation

Environmental influences affect the reliability, quality and service life of technical products. As an accredited test center, RUAG performs environmental simulation tests - both to standard and to individual customer requirements. The test results provide information regarding the resilience of your products and components.

  • Mechanical testing: Vibration, mechanical shock, and impact
  • Temperature and climate
  • Corrosion (including salt spray)
  • Sealing (including dust and rain)
  • Pressure
  • Explosives and special materials
Umweltsimulation: Regen, Wind
One of the test procedures is the leak test.
Umweltsimulation: Regen, Wind
The product is subjected to a rain simulation.
Umweltsimulation: Regen, Wind
This allows experts to check the tightness of the product.


In this age of digitalization, it is crucial for companies to be able to access all data and programs at all times. RUAG provides support for development and integration projects and implements software tests under real conditions. This also includes the mapping and simulation of surrounding systems.

  • Verification and validation plans
  • Test implementation at the level of integration, system and network tests
  • System acceptance
  • Reports (including test and acceptance report)
  • Test infrastructures and test centers
  • Support for (WTO) evaluations
  • Solidification of requirements, prototyping, demonstrators, and a technology check

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

Technical units and systems have to perform faultlessly. They must be resistant to electromagnetic interference and themselves must cause only sufficiently low levels of interference.  RUAG's Test Center for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) offers consulting and comprehensive test procedures in accordance with established civil and military standards. 

The life cycle of a system consists of different phases. It starts with the conception and ends with the decommissioning or disposal. System tests should be a constant companion in the life cycle of a system so as to meet long-term qualitative requirements. The EMC Test Center provides consulting and support in all project phases and in various specialist areas. The phases of the system cycle:

  • Concept and specification
  • Development and production
  • Operational transfer
  • Operation
Factsheet Elektromagnetische Verträglichkeit (German)
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Materials testing

Damage to heavily stressed materials is not uncommon. RUAG's comprehensive preventive tests and damage analyses reveal weak points and assist in making your products more resilient. We perform expert testing of your materials and ensure the highest possible quality of your products.

  • Non-destructive testing, crack testing
  • Mechanical, technological testing
  • Material analysis
Factsheet Materials testing Damage
pdf(230.3 KB) Download


Aerodynamic properties such as drag or lift are crucial factors in the safe and efficient deployment of aircraft and vehicles. In our wind tunnels we carry out comprehensive aerodynamic analyses and research for customers in aerospace and industry. In the process, an experienced team of engineers, technicians, designers, and mechanics ensure a smooth test implementation, precise data acquisition as well as professional evaluation and interpretation of the test results. To ensure that our customers receive the optimum service at all times, we work closely with renowned universities, research institutes and industrial partners. Our well-founded expertise and experience in the fields of aerodynamics, flight mechanics, instrumentation and systems engineering provides you with a clear competitive advantage.



Such quantities as forces, expansions, pressure, temperatures should be measured on test objects or components. We have the appropriate sensor and measuring systems, and have the necessary technical skills and know-how for data acquisition and evaluation. Thus we can guarantee reliable measurements with high quality.

  • Instrumentation, sensor technology and measurement systems
  • Strain, force, torque, pressure, temperature, and acceleration
  • Measurement and analysis devices and equipment lending
  • Data acquisition using LabVIEW
  • Laboratory instrumentation and on-site instrumentation
  • Calibration of electrical and mechanical quantities
  • Quality management according to ISO standards

Test benches

In order to achieve desired development goals rapidly and cost-effectively, we develop customer-specific test and inspection equipment. The systems are equipped with the latest measuring equipment, data acquisition and automatic operating and control facilities.

  • Test and inspection systems
  • MSR with LabView
  • Real-time monitoring and automation
  • Construction, mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, and pneumatic systems
  • Prototype production
  • Remote service / maintenance


Broschüre Testcenter
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