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Drive digital progress as a computer scientist

Are you looking for a multifaceted and progressive environment? With us, you will get to know digital technologies from all angles. Computer scientists handle hardware and software in the digital infrastructure - from workplace equipment to the further development of cutting-edge digital products.

If you are fascinated by software solutions and the construction and maintenance of IT systems, then an apprenticeship at RUAG is right for you. Our computer scientists work within application or platform development and are responsible for implementing and testing software solutions and selecting suitable hardware and software for clients.

Key points of your apprenticeship at RUAG



Your apprenticeship will last four years. During this time, you will learn everything you need to know to become a computer scientist.


For this apprenticeship, you must have good grades in mathematics, German and English, logical and abstract thinking skills, and a quick grasp of concepts.

Future opportunities

The following options are available to you after completion of your apprenticeship with us: ICT Management Graduate, Computer Science Technician HF or a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.



Seetalstrasse 175
6032 Emmen

Computer scientist EFZ [Swiss certificate of competence]

Computer scientists work in either application or platform development. The first area covers software solutions for new or modified products, processes and user requirements as well as the integration of application components. The second area is concerned with building and maintaining systems and applications that are appropriately selected, installed and configured. As you can see, this profession offers many facets and drives digital progress.

Computer scientists working in application development first make preliminary investigations for a solution and develop a detailed concept. For example, they program software applications with C++ or JAVA for the management and visualization of data. Following this, the software solution is extensively tested.

Computer scientists in platform development install and configure user and system specific applications using script. This is carried out as automatically as possible and without user intervention. Additionally, the configurations of group policies, shares, etc. are implemented via script. They are also responsible for network security and troubleshooting. A job at RUAG is therefore characterized by technological diversity.


What we offer you

In application development, you enjoy considerable freedom in programming. You document all work steps to ensure support and further development of the application as well as training customers. In platform development, the knowledge of the methods and the implementation with respect to hardening play an important role in ensuring high security. In addition, you have a thorough knowledge of the devices and applications our customers use.

What you should bring with you

You have completed compulsory schooling and have a very good performance in scientific and mathematical subjects. You convince us with your ability to think logically and abstractly, your creativity in finding solutions, your ability to grasp things quickly and your good spatial imagination. You can concentrate very well and are systematic in your approach to work.

Duration of apprenticeship

Your apprenticeship at RUAG will last four years.

Shape your individual future with the Way-Up apprenticeship.

You can complete this apprenticeship in the Way-Up model.

Vocational training location

  • Bern
  • Interlaken
  • Thun
  • Emmen
  • Zürich
Berufsbildung Schüler und Schülerinnen

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