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Model your very own future with the Way-Up apprenticeship

Do you have a high school diploma and the motivation to take another step forward? Our Way-Up apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to complete a shortened apprenticeship with a Swiss Federal Certificate of Competence.

We offer you a selection of different Way-Up trades. From the very outset, we will give you invaluable support in what really fascinates you. The shortened apprenticeship with us will take two to three years and allows you to develop in a targeted and personalized manner during your vocational training. Together, we will take on challenges and make a significant contribution to Switzerland’s security, day after day.

The opportunities we offer you are manifold. You can do the Way-Up apprenticeship in seven departments at RUAG.

  • Plant and equipment engineering
  • Automation engineering
  • Electronics
  • Polymechanics
  • Design engineering
  • Commercial department
  • IT

At RUAG, you enjoy a highly flexible work environment:


Acquire holistic practical experience

The Way-Up apprenticeship is very practice-oriented. You can concentrate on the practical foundations while simultaneously learning various working methods and techniques. You will also be supported and challenged in the areas of creativity, communication and teamwork. Upon successful completion of the apprenticeship, you will obtain the Swiss Federal Certificate of Competence and be ready to enter the world of work.

The Way-Up apprenticeship will open doors for you in the professional world

This vocational training will provide you with an excellent foundation for a permanent position in a career that fascinates you. With this combination, you are already almost predestined to have a successful professional career, because skilled workers with manual skills and a degree or advanced training qualifications are in high demand on the labor market.

Excellent development opportunities

This vocational training will make it easier for you to get into various universities. Especially for universities with a technical orientation because they usually require the completion of an internship in a field relevant to the course of study. The Way-Up apprenticeship not only guarantees that you will get into a university, but it also allows you to acquire sound practical and theoretical knowledge. Way-Up thus optimally prepares you for studies at a university.

These apprenticeships are available in the Way-Up model

Anlage-und Apparatebauer

System and equipment constructor

Are you proactive and creative? With us you will learn to combine traditional handicraft techniques and modern NC-controlled machines: System and equipment constructors use technical drawings to manufacture various products - from aircraft parts to production plants.
Lehrberuf Automatiker

Automation technician

Do you think and act not only economically but also ecologically? With us, you will learn how to help shape industrial progress: Automation technicians ensure that machines and plants become safer, more efficient, more flexible and more economical.

Electronics technician

Are you technically skilled and fascinated by the world of electronics? With us, you will learn how to drive technology at its fundamental level: Electronics technicians are involved in the planning, development and production of electronic hardware and software that we use for technological applications, products and services.
Lehrberufe Polymechaniker

Multi-disciplinary technicians

Do you enjoy mathematical challenges? With us, you will learn to develop, design and practically execute: Multi-disciplinary technicians manufacture workpieces, make tools and devices for production and assemble devices, apparatus, machines and systems.
Lehrberuf Konstrukteur

Design engineer

Do you have technical talent? With us, you will learn how to create forward-thinking hardware solutions. Design engineers develop, model and design mechanical devices, machine and apparatus components - from aircraft parts to special tools. Drawing is carried out on the computer using modern 3D CAD software.
Lehrberufe KV

Commercial specialist

Do you have a flair for numbers and a passion for communication? With us, you will learn to combine your organizational talent and your soft skills: Commercial specialists complete a wide range of administrative and business tasks. You will organize events, generate orders, respond to customer inquiries and handle exciting administrative work in human resources.
InformatikerIn EFZ

Drive digital progress as a computer scientist

Are you looking for a multifaceted and progressive environment? With us, you will get to know digital technologies from all angles. Computer scientists handle hardware and software in the digital infrastructure - from workplace equipment to the further development of cutting-edge digital products.
Berufsbildung Schüler und Schülerinnen

Is that your thing?

We are looking forward to receiving your application.

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Testimonial Florian Wayup Modell
« The Way-Up apprenticeship is a highly underrated form of training, even though the advantages are obvious. Linking theory and practice allows for a better understanding of technical operations and background processes. »
Florian, Apprentice polymechanic with specialisation in construction in the 2nd year of apprenticeship