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Foundation stone laid for new heating center

Another milestone on the road to a sustainable energy future: On April 12, representatives of RUAG Real Estate AG, Fernwärme Luzern AG and the municipality of Emmen laid the foundation stone for the construction of a heating plant on the RUAG site in Emmen.

At the symbolic laying of the foundation stone, a time capsule containing information for our descendants was sunk into the prepared recess of the foundation. It contains, among other things, annual reports of the two companies, a daily newspaper, a photo of the laying of the foundation stone and an aerial photograph of the area.

The construction of the heating center and the district heating network is being carried out by Fernwärme Luzern AG, a subsidiary of ewl energie wasser luzern. However, RUAG Real Estate made this construction possible by granting the right to build on the RUAG site. This has resulted in an absolute win-win situation: On the one hand, the construction will supply the Emmen military airbase and Emmen-Dorf with district heating. On the other hand, RUAG Real Estate will also be able to purchase district heating for RUAG in Emmen. Matthias Hauswirth, Chief Real Estate Officer of RUAG Real Estate AG, expressed his delight at this joining of forces: «With the heating center on the RUAG premises and the connection to the Emmen district heating supply, RUAG is laying the foundations for an ecological and sustainable energy future, today. »

By connecting the RUAG site in Emmen to the district heating network, RUAG Real Estate will reduce CO2 emissions by around 1,800 tonnes per year from winter 2023-24, thus consistently pursuing the sustainability goals of RUAG and the federal government's Model Energy and Climate coordination group.