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Important visitors in Emmen

On 25 April, Federal Councillor Viola Amherd and members of the Security Policy Commission of the Swiss National Council (SiK-N) visited our Emmen site at RUAG's invitation. The Head of the DDPS and 25 members of the National Council had the opportunity to get an idea of our colleagues' numerous skills and activities on site.

After a welcoming address by National Council member Mauro Tuena, the president of the SiK-N and the statements from our Chairman Nicolas Perrin and our CEO a.i. Peter Bodmer, the visitors were given a tour so that they could gather impressions from selected business units and ask questions. The focus was on, among other things, topics such as maintenance, upgrades and modifications to the F/A-18 fighter aircraft with a view to procuring the new combat aircraft, TH06 Super Puma and TH98 Cougar upgrades and servicing, the Integrated Radio Reconnaissance and Transmission System (IFASS), training for our apprentices, unmanned aerial vehicle demonstrations and the ADS 15 Detect and Avoid System.

The members of the SiK-N were pleased with the visit. «Thank you very much to RUAG for inviting us to Emmen and for giving us the opportunity to get an idea of what you do here,» said SiK President Mauro Tuena. Nicolas Perrin especially praised RUAG's dedicated employees: «Again and again, I am able to see for myself that our employees make a valuable contribution to Swiss sovereign security.»