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Our apprentices produced a roof box for the Swiss Armed Forces

The Armeno robotic crawler excavator was recently handed over from armasuisse W+T to the Swiss Armed Forces. Our apprentices in the fields of automation and plant and equipment engineering have produced and integrated the modular roof box for the robot. Following a demonstration in an area at risk of rockslides, the excavator was handed over to the Swiss Armed Forces together with other partners.

The crawler excavator Armeno is a robotic construction machine of the Swiss Drone and Robotics Center of the DDPS. In concrete terms, it is a research demonstrator and not yet a proven, market-ready product. The modular box contains various sensors and computers as well as communication equipment and interfaces with the base machine. In addition, it has cameras, laser scanners and inertial measuring units that measure the machine's state and position and check the machine's perception of itself within the environment. This equipment helps, for example, when performing collision-free work in areas without GPS reception. When the machine is used in autonomous, remote-controlled operations, the sensors in particular serve to improve the operator's depth perception. A total of ten apprentices from the central vocational training region constructed the roof box according to specifications from ETH Zurich.

Operations in the Swiss Armed Forces

After being handed over to the engineering/rescue/ABC training unit, the crawler excavator, with its roof box, will be used to clear remnants of ammunition at the former ammunition depot in Mitholz. There will also be other operations in hazardous environments.

With the development of the modular roof box, we are supporting operations both in hazardous environments and in areas with major natural hazards and thus making a significant contribution to the safety of emergency services and to Swiss security.

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