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Comprehensive Life-Cycle Management for Air Defense Systems

The deployment capability of fighter jets, propeller planes, helicopters, and anti-aircraft systems is the foundation of every successful deployment. Armies and civil operators are reliant on available, high-performance systems in order to be able to complete their missions. As a technology partner of the Swiss Armed Forces, RUAG ensures the best possible availability of the deployed systems throughout their entire life cycle.

Your Highly-Capable Partner

Our comprehensive service portfolio ranges from evaluation and final assembly to the resale of systems at the end of their life cycle. Fleet management, engineering, MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul) as well as upgrades and modernizations are at the core of our life-cycle management.

Life-Cycle Grafik DE
Life-Cycle Management für Luftsysteme
RUAG as a material competence center

Comprehensive Service for Aircraft, Helicopters, and Anti-Aircraft Systems

A Unique Service Portfolio

From analysis to MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul) and upgrades, to the resale of systems, we provide unique services on advantageous terms.

Always Innovative

By focusing on selected platforms, we are able to achieve economies of scale, and as a result can continuously invest in innovative technologies and processes. This has a decisive impact on the prolongation of each system's life cycle.

Broad Knowledge

Our employees are experts in their field – our customers benefit from this broad knowledge in every situation.

Analysis & Evaluation, Final Assembly, and Step-by-Step Implementation

We offer our customers independent and comprehensive consulting in the evaluation of systems, and assist them with calculating life-cycle costs (Total Cost of Ownership, TCO). In this way, in our role as the materials, technology, and logistics center for the Swiss Air Force, we have completed the final assembly of diverse systems and have adopted an ideal foundation for subsequently providing regular support to the fleet.

Endmontage F/A-18
F/A-18 final assembly: The F/A-18's individual parts were assembled by RUAG. The final assembly included, among other parts, the fuselage, wings and undercarriage, harnesses, electronic system, and cockpit.
Arbeiten am F-5
F-5 final assembly: The F-5 final assembly is also done by RUAG. Following comprehensive final tests and acceptance flights, the aircraft were delivered to the Swiss Air Force.
Cougar Upgrade
Super Puma final assembly: The Swiss Air Force's Super Puma originated from RUAG's assembly facilities: We specialize in helicopters and their components.
EC-635 Endmontage
EC-635 final assembly: RUAG successfully completed the end assembly of the EC-635 transport and training helicopter's components and delivered these to the Swiss Air Force.

Our Service Portfolio for the Operation of Air Systems

In order to guarantee the operation and deployment capability of air systems, and to prolong their service life, RUAG ensures the constant availability and performance of fighter jets, propeller planes, helicopters, and anti-aircraft systems with its comprehensive service portfolio.

MRO an F-5

Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO)

A large portion of our services is devoted to maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) for structures, engines, and components. Furthermore, we take care of spare part procurement and carry out comprehensive ground tests as well as test and trial flights.
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Technical & Technological Support

We provide support in the fields of structural engineering, aerodynamic developments and tests as well as avionics and electrical engineering.
Spare Parts Sourcing & Logistics Services

Supply Chain & Logistics

We take care of strategic and operative purchasing, material planning, and inventory management, as well as export control (trade compliance) and transport.

Upgrade, Modifikation, Integration

Our services in the Upgrade, Modification and Integration division include construction, development, prototype production as well as the integration of systems. We also have competencies in production and assembly as well as in certification and inspection.

Upgrade Cougar Helicopter im Cockpit

Withdrawal from Service, Resale & Disposal

Should a system be at the end of its life cycle, or if it is withdrawn from service, we utilize our competencies to resell it or ensure that it is professionally disposed of.

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