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Reliable self-protection systems and test equipment

RUAG provides innovative test equipment that enables crews to quickly and reliably verify the operational readiness of their self-protection system at any time.

Regardless of whether it is a military operation or humanitarian deployment in a conflict zone: Self-protection systems can be essential for survival during military and civilian missions. For decades, air forces all over the world have been putting their trust in the reliability and effectiveness of RUAG's self-protection solutions.

Our core expertise

Specially developed solutions

RUAG produces innovative solutions and is constantly developing them further.

High reliability

Our test equipment performs tests with high reliability and is easy to use.

Extensive specialist knowledge

Our experts are highly professional and provide you with customized consultancy.
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Luca Pergola
Product Manager
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Integrated self-protection system

The integral self-protection system alerts helicopter crews to any threats and activates effective counter-measures if attacked from the ground or from the air. The system detects a broad spectrum of radar and laser beams as well as UV rays from approaching missiles and neutralizes threats by ejecting chaff or flares.

Factsheet Integrated Self-Protection System
Self Protection

Extensive scope of application

The self-protection system warns when radar and laser beams are detected, as well as approaching missiles. The EASA certification means that it is also useable on civil helicopters.
Self protection_Sicherheit vor Bedrohung

Safety against threats

Two and 16 modern chaff and flare dispensers neutralize threats.
Self protection_POD


Engineered POD solutions can be considered and discussed on a project-specific base.

Test equipment

To ensure the maximum effectiveness of the self-protection system at all times, the system has to be tested before deployment. RUAG develops and produces its own innovative test equipment. These include the unique 4-in-1 sensor tester missim and the electronic chaff and flare simulator CAST for testing dropping systems. These simulators enable the crew to reliably test the operational readiness of their self-protection system within minutes before take-off.

Our test equipment products

missim_missile Simulator

missim (missile simulator)

The unique 4-in-1 test device missim (missile simulator) simulates various threat scenarios such as radar, laser or infrared guided missiles and muzzle flashes. The test device is fast and easy to operate and no modifications need to be made to your aircraft or helicopter. missim can be used together with CAST-zero+.

Countermeasure Advanced Safety Test Equipment (CAST)

CAST directly integrated into the self-protection solution to perform preventive testing. Using CAST you can train effectively and safely: The simulator does not use any pyrotechnics and is suitable for a wide range of scenarios. The CAST-zero+ version can be used together with missim.


missim is an innovative 4-in-1 test device for rapid and reliable testing of self-protection sensors. missim simulates radar, laser, guided missiles and the visual indication of enemy muzzle flashes. It is the only test device that can simulate 4 threat scenarios. The mobile system is quick and easy to use. After a brief test with adaptable scenarios, users receive a Go/No-Go result and confirmation of the sensors' performance. missim is distance-independent and automatically adapts its signal strength to the distance from the sensor. The test device can be programmed with generic or specific scenarios. If necessary, the memory can be deleted securely within seconds so that the scenarios programmed therein do not fall into the wrong hands.

Factsheet missim Test Equipment
Factsheet missim Requalification and MRO

Countermeasure Advanced Safety Test Equipment (CAST)

The decoy simulators CAST-easy and CAST-zero+ allow easy and reliable testing of decoy ejection systems. Systematic risk is reduced through effective training in the air and on the ground, preventive testing and troubleshooting of self-protection solutions. The decoy simulators contain no pyrotechnics, making them ideal for training purposes. CAST-easy and CAST-zero+ are versatile, cost-effective and easy to use.

  • CAST-easy
  • CAST-zero+

CAST-easy is a unique solution for the safe testing of systems for chaff and flare use as well as for effective training. CAST-easy replaces decoy cartridges for training purposes in the air and on the ground as well as for tests.



That features CAST-easy


CAST-easy is cost-effective: The system is reusable, has an unlimited shelf life and requires no maintenance. Since no pyrotechnics are used, CAST-easy is simple to handle and ship.


The system is versatile: In the air, near airports at low altitude, on the ground, in laboratories - there are no geographical restrictions. CAST-easy is compatible with all dispensers that use 1 x 1" cartridges.

Reliable and user friendly

Due to the clearly visible release status and the resetting of the status at the push of a button, CAST-easy is very user-friendly and reliable. The handling effort is greatly reduced and the system is suitable for various environmental conditions.
Factsheet CAST-easy

CAST-zero+ is a versatile and user-friendly electronic chaff and flare emulator, which additionally allows the voltage of decoy distributors to be tested quickly and reliably. CAST-zero+ is intended for use on the ground.



That features CAST-zero+


Like CAST-easy, this system is also extremely cost-effective on account of its reusability. Also CAST-zero+ does not use any pyrotechnics, which makes handling and dispatch easy. The system is also rechargeable.


CAST-zero+ is very versatile: Voltage tester and chaff and flare emulator are in combined in one unit. The system can be used to reproduce all possible scenarios of decoy ejection and can also simulate a failed decoy ejection. CAST-zero+ is compatible with all dispensers using 1 × 1" cartridges and enables end-to-end testing, especially in combination with the 4-in-1 sensor tester missim.

Reliable and user friendly

The system is based on the proven CAST-easy model and is simple, robust and user-friendly. Just one push of a button enables voltage measurement as well as chaff and flare emulation. An optional IR remote control facilitates the simple, simultaneous operation of several units.
Factsheet CAST-zero+
Platzhalter Ansprechpartner


Luca Pergola
Product Manager
Seetalstrasse 175
6032 Emmen