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Dear readers

Groundbreaking, challenging and successful – these three words sum up RUAG’s 2020 financial year perfectly.

Groundbreaking, because we acted as an independent group of companies for the first time after our unbundling from the former RUAG Group. During the year, we worked on numerous projects, involving visionary thinking, that enabled us to lay the foundation for our entrepreneurial future. Among other things, we fully completed the legal unbundling, launched a new, modern external image and started developing our culture and organizational structure even further.

The year was especially challenging in terms of the unpredict-able underlying conditions. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we had to look for robust solutions in parallel with the unbun-dling and further development of the company so we could meet our performance mandate. This demanded additional commitment, flexibility and stamina from our entire workforce. Looking back, we can say that the 2020 financial year was very successful in many respects. On the one hand, the coopera-tion within the company – despite partly new compositions and difficult circumstances – was exemplary. Across all levels, from the Board of Directors, to the Executive Committee, to the entire workforce, we have worked together in a collaborative and focused manner to achieve our goals. On the other hand, we have managed to continue operations seamlessly, to supportour customers as a professional partner in all situations, and thus to fulfill our performance mandate comprehensively. We have also already achieved an attractive financial result in our first year as an independent company. These successes allow us to look positively to the future.

As RUAG, we demonstrated in 2020 that we are a reliable partner, particularly in difficult times, and that we make a significant contribution to Switzerland’s security – entirely in the interests of our owner, our customers and the Swiss people. Our heartfelt thanks go to all employees.

Nicolas Perrin, Chairman RUAG MRO Holding Ltd

Andreas Berger, CEO RUAG MRO Holding Ltd