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Waste or valuable raw material

In the last week of November, you could read a report in the Jungfrauzeitung about a bullet clearance operation in the Bernese Oberland. For us, however, the story does not end when the material is taken away by truck: It is finally and professionally disposed of at our site in Altdorf.

1.3 tons of material accumulated during the Swiss Army's bullet clearance operation at the end of November at the Färmelberg firing range at the back of the Färmeltal, a closed-off side valley of the Obersimmental in the Bernese Oberland. Military and civilian specialists as well as members of the Swiss Army's Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Demining Command KAMIR regularly clear all Swiss Army firing ranges. This time they were busy for three days.


The collected material was loaded onto trucks in pallets and taken away. It is then professionally disposed of at our site in Altdorf, where our own specialists first deposit the truckload in a so-called explosives store. Then pallet after pallet is sorted individually so that the individual recyclable materials can be transferred to the recycling process as purely as possible. As a matter of principle, only "inert" materials, i.e. free of explosives, are delivered. If, despite everything, one of the RUAG specialists is unsure about the composition of one or the other part, it is cleaned in a thermal plant and only then disposed of.


To dispose of the 1.3 tons from the clearance in the Bernese Oberland, one employee is busy for two days.