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Landsystems RUAG Leopard 2

With our extensive range of services, we guarantee optimum availability of weapons systems.

A Competent Partner for Land Systems

During operations, modern armed forces must be able to depend on equipment that provides optimum availability and reliability. In its role as a technology partner, RUAG helps armed forces and security organizations to successfully complete their missions.

Conflicts and threats across the globe have changed significantly over time. Unlike in times gone by, modern-day threats are more complex and require more interdisciplinary action. As a result of this trend, missions with an objective to meet security obligations in some way are becoming more diverse and more demanding. With our range of services, we make sure every mission is tackled using reliable equipment that has been perfectly matched to meet the requirements of the assignment at hand.

Life-cycle Management

As a technology partner to the Swiss Armed Forces, RUAG ensures that systems benefit from maximum deployment capability throughout their entire life cycle. We advise our customers on procurement and testing, and help with introducing new systems to troops. As a materials, technology, and logistics center, we perform maintenance and undertake modernization work and upgrades to maximize system service life.

Life-cycle Management (MKZ); People working on Tank

Our Competencies in the Area of Land Systems

Our core competencies include maintenance and repair, as well as modernization and upgrades for weapons systems. We also provide development, production, and integration services for high-value subsystems and components. Examples of this include our modular-build ballistic defense systems and our mobile control rooms. By putting customers at the heart of what we do, we guarantee optimum availability and long-term deployment capability throughout the entire product life cycle.

Maintenance and Repair

We perform regular maintenance and carry out repairs quickly and professionally. These actions are key to ensuring systems are available and, consequently, troops are ready to be deployed.

Modernization and Upgrades

As a materials, technology, and logistics center, we also undertake modernization work and upgrades to maximize system service life.

Development, Production, and Integration

We develop and produce high-quality solutions to fulfill specific customer requirements, then integrate the results into existing platforms.
Ballistischer Schutz (Zusatzpanzerungen)

Ballistic Protection

For soldiers in armored vehicles, effective protection against a wide range of threats is a matter of life and death. Our passive protection solutions offer effective all-round protection against large-caliber ammunition, anti-tank grenades, guided missiles and unconventional booby traps and mines.

COBRA Mortar System

The state-of-the-art 120 mm COBRA mortar system developed by RUAG impresses with maximum firepower and is intuitive to operate. It is suitable for integration into highly mobile platforms and offers the best balance between firepower and flexibility.
RUAG Containersystem

Container Systems

RUAG develops and supplies mobile command posts, medical systems and support infrastructures. The air-conditioned containers can be assembled and disassembled in any terrain within a very short time. They also provide protection in a wide range of environmental and operational conditions and ensure the safety of crew and equipment.
Prototypen & Kleinserien-Fertigung

Prototypes and Small-batch Production

Series production is based on a precisely manufactured prototype. During prototype development, we turn individual customer requirements into high-quality solutions and integrate them into existing platforms following extensive quality tests.
Baugruppen und Ersatzteile

Assemblies and Spare Parts

If high-quality spare parts can be supplied quickly and seamlessly, this safeguards system availability and, consequently, the deployment capability of armed forces. As a logistics partner to the Swiss Land Forces, RUAG has access to a huge selection of first-class spare parts.
Life-cycle Management (MKZ); People working on Tank

Vehicle Integration

Armed forces are always reliant on high-performance land defense systems that provide outstanding availability if they are to meet their security obligations. We work closely with our customers and partners to develop comprehensive solutions and integrate the very latest technologies into tried-and-tested platforms.
RUAG Testcenter

Testing Services

First-class quality and that all-important competitive advantage rely on extensive tests. RUAG runs Switzerland's largest test center, where it offers a comprehensive range of test procedures according to established standards – and with it, unique expertise from the industrial, military, and aerospace sectors.

Small-arms Services

In an emergency incident, police and security organizations rely on precise, reliable hand guns and small arms. In the weapons workshop, we make sure such arms are ready to use and in perfect working order at all times.

Eyewear and Optics

RUAG is the exclusive, long-standing supplier of eyewear and optics to the Swiss Army and a reliable partner of police and security organizations as well as private customers.
BORS Visual

RUAG Germany

RUAG in Germany is the future-oriented technology partner for armed forces and security organizations. We focus on life-cycle management, operation and availability of military systems for land and air.

Ammunition Disposal

The eco-friendly and professional disassembly and disposal of ammunition, ammunition components and explosives is of great importance. Through the professional separation of individual components, many of the raw materials can be profitably fed into the recycling cycle.
Verkauf von Armeematerial und Armeefahrzeugen

Sale of military equipment and army vehicles

As a visionary thinking technology partner of the Swiss Armed Forces, we focus on life cycle management, operations and availability of military systems. Our business activities are therefore strongly oriented towards the procurement programs of our main customer, the Swiss Armed Forces. In situations where a system has reached the end of its life cycle or is being decommissioned, we use our expertise for the resale process or to ensure it is disposed of correctly.
Fliegerabwehrsysteme Header

Comprehensive system support for ground-based Anti-Aircraft Systems

As a technology partner of the Swiss Armed Forces, we guarantee the availability of the deployed systems over their entire service life.



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