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School leavers

From the very outset, we will give you invaluable support in what really fascinates you.

We offer you particularly interesting and fascinating fields for your vocational training. We are among the best, as our results at SwissSkills and WorldSkills show. During your vocational training with us, your personal training supervisor will accompany you from the very outset. We would like to support you with your specific personal interests and talents in mind so that, together, we can work for the security of Switzerland day after day. It is important to us that we develop together with you – in the long term.

There is a wide variety of opportunities available to you. We offer training in 13 different professions. On TalentsDay, you can discover the various professions directly at our sites. In a trial apprenticeship, you will get a deeper insight into the exciting tasks that await you.

We train people in professions in different areas


Holistic and personal mentoring from the very outset

With our know-how, we are located in many Swiss regions and work day in day out to ensure the security of the country.

Fascinating professional fields

As a technology partner of the Swiss Armed Forces, we offer you excellent training with personal mentoring in a range of fascinating professions.

Long-term development

Our goal is to develop together with you in the long term.
Alissa Berufsbildung

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Professional training in the workshop

Do you want to help out in the workshop? Here, you will find an overview of all the vocational training courses in which you can use your manual skills.

Anlagen- und ApparatebauerIn EFZ

System and equipment constructor EFZ

Are you proactive and creative? With us you will learn to combine traditional handicraft techniques and modern NC-controlled machines: System and equipment constructors use technical drawings to manufacture various products - from aircraft parts to production plants.
AutomatikerIn EFZ

Automation technician EFZ

Do you think and act not only economically but also ecologically? With us, you will learn how to help shape industrial progress: Automation technicians ensure that machines and plants become safer, more efficient, more flexible and more economical.
ElektronikerIn bei RUAG

Electronics technician EFZ

Are you technically skilled and fascinated by the world of electronics? With us, you will learn how to drive technology at its fundamental level: Electronics technicians are involved in the planning, development and production of electronic hardware and software that we use for technological applications, products and services.
Fachmann-frau Betriebsunterhalt EFZ

Specialist in operational maintenance EFZ

Do you have a strong practical and technical understanding? With us, you will learn how to make the most of your all-round talent: Specialists in operational maintenance are responsible for the upkeep, care and maintenance of buildings, paths, roads, plantings and technical facilities.
IndustrielackiererIn EFZ

Industrial painter EFZ

Design machines and maintain their value. Are you practically gifted with a sense for color design? With us, you will learn to design and maintain machines of all kinds. As an industrial painter EFZ (CH), you are responsible for protecting the surfaces of machines that are exposed to heavy loads in everyday industrial life.
LogistikerIn EFZ

Logistics specialist

Are you practically gifted with a sense for color design? With us, you will learn to design and maintain machines of all kinds. An industrial painter is responsible for protecting the surfaces of machines that are exposed to heavy loads in everyday industrial life.
MultimediaelektronikerIn EFZ

Multimedia electronics engineer EFZ

Do you have a strong technical talent? With us, you will learn to work at the core of digital networking. Multimedia electronics engineers are responsible for the installation, maintenance and repair of various electronic devices in our digitally networked infrastructure.
PolymechanikerIn EFZ

Multi-disciplinary technicians EFZ

Do you enjoy mathematical challenges? With us, you will learn to develop, design and practically execute: Multi-disciplinary technicians manufacture workpieces, make tools and devices for production and assemble devices, apparatus, machines and systems.
ProduktionsmechanikerIn EFZ

Production mechanic EFZ

Are you open to innovation? With us, you will learn to influence all facets of mechanics: Production mechanics manufacture workpieces using a wide variety of processes, assemble devices, apparatus and machines and are responsible for their provision, commissioning and maintenance.
KonstrukteurIn EFZ

Design engineer EFZ

Do you have technical talent? With us, you will learn how to create forward-thinking hardware solutions. Design engineers develop, model and design mechanical devices, machine and apparatus components - from aircraft parts to special tools. Drawing is carried out on the computer using modern 3D CAD software.
Alexandra Elektronikerin
« My vocational training is focused on taking over the operation of the radar systems immediately after completing my apprenticeship, as a full-time employee. »
Alexandra, training as electronic technician EFZ
Schülerinnen und Schüler - zukunftsperspektiven

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